5 Days of Meditation with Patricia

5 Days of Meditation with Patricia

Join Patricia on a 5 day journey of finding inner peace. Connecting with your feeling and yourself to start and end the week on positive note.

5 Days of Meditation with Patricia
  • Day 1 Monday Feels with Patricia

    Starting the week off with an insightful heart opening meditation to connect with what we’re feeling and what we’re starting the week off with emotionally and mentally. Offering relaxing methods and self inquiry practices to encourage a release of these mental and emotional tensions right before...


  • Day 2 Breathing into Tuesday with Patricia

    We will experience the importance of breath and how it plays a major role in who we are presently, what we offer to the world and what we receive from the world. An observation of breath and the spaces where we can use breath to inspire and create intuitively.

  • Day 3 Wellness Wednesday with Patricia

    A relaxing full body scan meditation offering a full release of muscular tension. This meditation will leave one feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and mentally stimulated.

  • Day 4 Thursday with Intention with Patricia

    We’ll explore and use the gift of Sankalpa (resolve), to drive our deepest determined effort in our every day lives. How we can use the seeds of Sankalpa to sow our own seeds of change.

  • Day 5 Gratitude Friday with Patricia

    Finding gratitude in presence; mind, body, heart, soul and spirit. A practice that centres around feeling whole and grateful.