7 Day Morning Flow

7 Day Morning Flow

7 Day Series with Meg.

Start your morning feeling energized and refreshed with a quick 15 min Flow led by Meg. Follow Meg each day as she brings you through different flows to strengthen and lengthen your body.

7 Day Morning Flow
  • LIVE Mindful Morning Flow with Darya #2

    A mindful flow class to build strength, control and balance in your entire body and mind. You'll learn to move with more conscious control as you focus on the nuances of shifting between and into poses by engaging different areas in the body. Take your time bringing more intention to your movemen...

  • Intro to 7 Day Morning Flow with Meg

    Quick run down of what to expect in this 7 Day Series with Meg

  • Sunday Stretch with Meg

    Flow through a rejuvenating practice, stretching tight muscles and energizing for the day!

  • Monday Boost with Meg

    Good morning Monday! This is an energizing and invigorating flow to start your week.

  • Tuesday Core with Meg

    The core is essentially the center of our body. It is a crucial structure and point of energy that provides support, proper posture and physical movement. In this core yoga class, you will develop strength, stability, flexibility and control through a fluid and safe practice.

  • Wednesday Vinyasa with Meg

    This class is an active, flowing style yoga class proven to improve strength, cardiovascular health, and flexibility.

  • Thursday Hips withs Meg

    The focus will be hip openers and getting into all four corners of the hip joint. Feel grounded and energized through this flow.

  • Friday Burn with Meg

    Full body burn with this fast-paced class and challenge yourself before the weekend!

  • Saturday Detox with Meg

    This deliciously creative sequence focused on twisting and creating space around the hips, spine and shoulders. Awaken the body, find balance within, and ease into the day with greater clarity, peace, and mindfulness. This is a multi-level class, with a strong recommendation to students with a go...