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  • Flow, Move + Play with Michelle

    This class weaves elements of creative and exploratory movement into a more familiar yoga flow-style class. An attitude of curiosity will be encouraged in exploring interoceptive and proprioceptive awareness and movement variability, making space to access pleasure and play. You will need a small...

  • Let Go + Unwind with Ganna

    A one hour Yin Yang flow to Let go & Unwind ; A flow to help you let go of the day and get ready for evening where you can expect to target the whole body with 30 min of Hatha and then cool down completely with a 30 min yin segment focused on releasing the tensions you’ve accumulated throughout t...

  • Yin: Open Hearts Peaceful Minds with Darya

    A quick practice that you can add into your daily routine to release tension in your neck, shoulders and upper back. We will be holding posture for 3-4 minutes to get into deeper layers of muscles and receive all the benefits of stretching while practicing maintaining a meditative state of a bala...

  • Gentle Yoga for Self Care and Relaxation with Chloe

    A gentle and grounding yoga class that moves you through equal parts active and restorative postures. Chloe will provide modifications so students at all levels can practice safely. The second half of class will focus on the lower body, where postures are passively held for several minutes, and c...

  • Mid Day Reset with Mabel

    Take this class when you need a quick break from your computer (or couch!) to move your body so you can “reset” before getting back to the rest of your day. You will be guided to move mindfully, helping you to re-center and leave class feeling grounded. Expect a mix of strengthening and stretchin...

  • Stay Calm & Namaste with Keighley

    A restorative class that consists of several poses designed to release tension and distress from a long work day to totally disconnect and relaxes the body. These poses can be accomplished without the assistance of props, you will leave the class fully recharged and ready for your next endeavour.

  • Part 2 Tutorial with Jason

    Part 2 of Sun Salutations! Focusing on the jumpings aspect, coming forward and back, and how it relates to your inversion practice. Start off with sun salutations and add on to it in this practice.

  • Part 1 Tutorial with Jason

    Part 1! Break down the elements of the foundation of sun salutations and vinyasa!

  • 30 min Vinyasa Flow with Darya

    Vinyasa Yoga is an active, flowing style yoga class proven to improve strength, cardiovascular health, and flexibility. Be prepared to work up a sweat in this fun and challenging class!

  • Core Blast Flow with Melinda

    The core is essentially the center of the body. It is a crucial structure and point of energy that provides support, proper posture and physical movement. Core Yoga will help you develop strength, awareness, stability, flexibility and control through a fluid and safe practice.

  • Barre Lower Body Burn with Victoria

    Barre Yoga for your lower body burn!

    Our Barre classes focus on improving core strength, developing the stabilizing muscles of the shoulder and hip girdles, and enhancing flexibility.
    Use props at home (wall or chair), this class fuses ballet movements with pilates, yoga, and sports conditioning...

  • 5 Day Prenatal Series with Bar

    5 videos

  • Detox Vinyasa Flow with Melinda

    This deliciously creative sequence focused on twisting and creating space around the hips, spine and shoulders. Awaken the body, find balance within, and ease into the day with greater clarity, peace, and mindfulness. This is a multi-level class, with a strong recommendation to students with a go...

  • Yoga for Digestion with Ganna

    Hatha Flow for digestion. Increase your energy and through various asanas to aid you for bloating.

  • 3 Day Shoulder Mobility & Flexibility

    3 videos

    Join Shima in a 3 Day Series to increase your mobility and flexibility of your shoulders, wrists, and chest.

  • Backbend Flow with Vanessa

    Back bend flow, working on opening your hips and heart with this flow!