15 mins

15 mins

Want a quick Yoga pick me up? These sessions are for you

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15 mins


  • Quick HIIT Legs with Audrey

    This class is all about legs. We're going to sweat, bring our heart rate up, and push through the burn as we strengthen and sculpt our legs

  • Inversions and Arm Balances: Tripod with Alice

    Introduction to Tripod and Handstand L kick up.

  • Day 1 Prenatal Series with Bar

    Welcome to Day 1 of Prenatal yoga practice. Energizing, standing poses and pick from the different variations that suit you, and where you may be in your pregnancy.

  • Shoulder Opening with Sandy

    This is a 15 min Flow with Sandy with a focus on your shoulders. If you've been on a computer all day typing away then this is the practice for you. Join Sandy as she helps release the tension you may feel from working all day.

  • Strength, Stability and Mobility with Laura M.

    This is a 15 min Core Flow. We'll be working our way up around our core hitting major muscle groups to build strength, stability and mobility for the centre of our body.

  • Breath and Move with Matt

    This is a 15 min Flow with Matt. You can expect twists, and deep stretches with this practice.

  • Twists and Deep Stretches with Matt

    This is a 15 min flow with Matt. This practice has a focus on twists and deep stretches. This will leave you feeling relaxed by alleviating some of the tensions that you may have on your body.

  • Hips and Hamstrings with Sthitpragya

    This is a 15 min Flow with Sthitpragyu. This will have a focus on opening the front of the spine, hips, hamstring, and quads.

  • Work from H-Ohm with Meg

    This is a quick 10 min Flow with Meg. Great quick sequence to do in-between working from home. To simply give you a quick energizing workout.

  • Barre Yoga: Glutes and Abs with Victoria

    Our Barre classes focus on improving core strength, developing the stabilizing muscles of the shoulder and hip girdles, and enhancing flexibility.
    Using some props you have at home (chair and wall), this class fuses ballet movements with pilates, yoga, and sports conditioning exercises. Leave no ...

  • Hip Openers with Sthitpragya

    This is a 15 min flow with Sthitpragya. With a focus on opening your hips, with twists and deep stretches.

  • Sunday Stretch with Meg

    Flow through a rejuvenating practice, stretching tight muscles and energizing for the day!

  • Monday Boost with Meg

    Good morning Monday! This is an energizing and invigorating flow to start your week.

  • Thursday Hips withs Meg

    The focus will be hip openers and getting into all four corners of the hip joint. Feel grounded and energized through this flow.

  • Saturday Detox with Meg

    This deliciously creative sequence focused on twisting and creating space around the hips, spine and shoulders. Awaken the body, find balance within, and ease into the day with greater clarity, peace, and mindfulness. This is a multi-level class, with a strong recommendation to students with a go...

  • Friday Burn with Meg

    Full body burn with this fast-paced class and challenge yourself before the weekend!

  • Core Burn Warm Up with Irena

    Warm up with this 15 minute core class. You will develop strength, stability, flexibility and control through a fluid and safe practice.

  • Day 1 Mat Work with Irena

    Mat work for your core! Fire up your core with this class, improving your strength, flexibility and posture.

  • Day 1 Monday Feels with Patricia

    Starting the week off with an insightful heart opening meditation to connect with what we’re feeling and what we’re starting the week off with emotionally and mentally. Offering relaxing methods and self inquiry practices to encourage a release of these mental and emotional tensions right before...

  • Day 2 of Headstand Foundations - Core Strength with Laura

    Day 2 of Headstand Foundations

    Fire up your core with compression drills, boat pose, and forearm planks!

  • Day 3 of Headstand Foundations - Back Body Strength with Laura

    Day 3 of Headstand Foundations

    In order to hold a stable headstand, you’re back body has to be as strong as your front! This class focuses on upper and lower back strength, as well as glute engagement. Start on your belly with cobra rows and flutter kicks, then finish off on your backs with glut...

  • Day 6 of Headstand Foundations - Wall Work with Laura

    Day 6 of Headstand Foundations

    In this class you’ll learn to stack the hips of the shoulders using the wall to support the feet. After taking a break in child’s pose, practice compressing knees to chest and maybe find a bit of float-time in your headstand! No kicking or momentum, just strength ...

  • Day 5 of Headstand Foundations - Dolphin Planks with Laura

    Day 5 of Headstand Foundations

    Move through various dolphin-plank drills to build strength and stability in the shoulders and forearms. Finish off with a much-needed puppy pose.

  • Day 7 of Headstand Foundations - Shoulder Love with Laura

    Day 7 of Headstand Foundations

    Show your neck and shoulders some love with active stretches and holds. This class can be practiced anytime you’re feeling sore and in need of a break!